The museum of herbs & spices

Things to know about us and the world of spices

We warmly welcome you to the only privately-run museum in the world, which deals exclusively with spices. Since 1993, we have been in a more than 130-year-old store, right in the middle of Hamburg’s historic warehouse district! In our museum you can make a trip around the world for your nose. With “all senses”, smell and touch the spices is expressly permitted! You can already collect impressions and look at our premises. We look forward to welcoming you personally.

Experience herbs and spices with all your senses

Young and old, suitable for all ages

The Spicy’s is an adventure museum suitable for all ages. Thus, the visit for large and small guests is an experience of a special kind and all that in the unique atmosphere of a prepared old storage store. Here you can literally feel the handling of the spices. About 50 raw spices and kitchen herbs, as well as over 900 exhibits from the last 5 centuries, show the processing of the spices from the cultivation to the finished product.

An experience museum for the whole family

We have set ourselves the task of educating the consumers and of course also the young ones about the various applications of kitchen herbs, spice seeds and classic spices. With great fright we find again and again that the German children, often characterized by fastfood, unfortunately often do not know spices and their use at all. There is pepper, the most commonly used spice of the Germans, already an Exot and salt is likewise designated as spice, although it is actually a mineral. The senses of many children are stunted because they are not required, or the children are not asked to use them at all. Spices offer a very wide variety. There are very hot, for example, chilli, or herbe, such as cardamom, warm, such as cinnamon and of course also sweet, like the tonka bean and vanilla. For example, it is important to know that the essential oils are always released, thus giving the smell and taste, when a spice is crushed in some form, ie by rubbing, crushing or grinding. A visit to the spice museum is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

There is much to discover in the spice museum

The origin of the spice trade is a piece of history. There were even wartime acts committed to the possession of black gold (pepper) or red gold (saffron). With Hamburg, we have the world’s third largest handling center for spices. Every year around 80,000 tonnes are handled here, although we Germans are one of the “spice-foul” peoples of the world. There is often a lack of imagination, the great possibilities offered by the spices. We have forgotten or supplanted the fact that spices can not only be used to conjure up very wonderful dishes, but also to do a great deal to maintain our own health. It was well known to our ancestors. “A herb has grown for every suffering” – true! All spices have, if used properly, positive effects on the body! The cosmetics and wellness industry also makes use of the wonderful, often very sensual, fragrance and care properties of the spices.

We look forward to you!
Your Spicy’s team