FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Is salt also a spice?

No, salt is a mineral. A spice must have been grown naturally and the “salt tree” does not exist …

How should spices be kept?

Please alsways keep them dark, cool and dry. Spices and herbs do not like mositure! Therefore please do not go directly with the spice spreaders over cookers, pans or steaming plates.

Are dried spices just as effective as fresh ones?

This is generally not easy to answer because it varies. Most spices are in dried form as healthy as they are in fresh form, although the classic spices are not possible to buy here in fresh form at all.

Are spices really remedies?

The curative effects, which have been known for thousands of years, are now increasingly proven scientifically. Eating well seasoned is very healthy.

Is it possbile to buy spices in the shop without paying the entrance fee?

Of course! Just let the staff at the checkout know.

Why do we only offer lectures instead of guided tours through the museum?

The museum is not so big fromits floor space as the tours would offer. Therefore, our concept to do it in the form of lectures proved itself in practice.

Do you also offer public lectures?

No, but you are welcome to join one of our many event programs. These always include a lecture in the museum and are supplemented by great further program points. If you are a group, you can also book events / lectures exclusively for your desired times and days.

Can you visit the museum outside the regular opening hours?

Yes, by arrangement our premises can also be booked for exclusive openings.

Is the spice base on the opposite related to the museum?

No, it is a carpet dealer selling also spices, but has nothing to do with the museum itself.