Our Team

Who’s behind Spicy’s Spice Museum?

Who is there for you all year round at Spicy’s? Learn more about us and get to know the Spicy’s team a bit better. We would like to introduce ourselves to you personally. This is mainly about the respective activities within the museum.

Viola Vierk

Owner and therefore involved since the beginning (1993) in the Speicherstadt!

The boss is active 7 days a week and is responsible for the organization and realization of exclusive events in the museum as well as in cooperation with the actor Tobias Brüning with our customers on the spot. Furthermore, she holds all lectures personally at the weekends.

Favorite spice: chocolate pepper

Anja Taeger

Our Computermouse – since 2003 in the team!

Anja is responsible for the entire press work and maintains contact with media representatives. Furthermore, she creates our advertising materials and helps the boss, when she gets exasperated with the computer.

Favorite spice: vanilla

Kerstin Maksen

Our event wonder – since 2012 in the team!

She finds the right event program for every guest, takes care of our English- and French-speaking guests and attends exclusive evening programs with entertaining lectures.

Favorite spice: savory

Heike Gerold

Our self-proclaimed herbal witch – since 2005 in the team!

Heike looks after the cashier and shop area and gives lectures in front of visiting groups. In addition, she finds the appropriate herb against every suffering and advises our guests.

Favorite spice: cinnamon flower

Claudia Schmidt

Our newest member – since 2017 in the firm team!

Nevertheless, Claudia is very familiar with everything since she has been looking after our guests on the weekends since 2005. She shares the job with the herbal witch, which for personal reasons unfortunately has to reduce her working time.

Favorite spice: Kampot pepper

Tobias Brüning

Our actor – since 2010 in the team!

Tobias Brüning has already played for ten years at the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin. He then completed his acting education at the Berliner Schule für Schauspiel. This was followed by a two-year engagement at the Landesbühne in Sachsen-Anhalt. Since 2007 he lives and works as a freelance actor in Hamburg.

Favorite spice: turmeric

Sebastiano Vierk

Our webmaster – As the son of the boss quasi involved from the start!

In addition to designing and optimizing Spicy’s website, he also looks after the support of our Facebook page and generally improves our online marketing.

Favorite spice: cinnamon